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They were friends at first, so they did not have a first date as such…
They met at the Edinburgh Kayak Club in October 2009. Paul had just joined and saw Gem on the first night but didn’t get a chance to speak to her. On the next pool session the following week Gem turned up just after Paul and they got talking in the queue. The first thing Gem noticed about Paul was his Irish accent and it makes her more interested at getting to know him more. 
The first thing Paul noticed, was  Gem’s lovely green eyes. 
After the pool session, some club members went to the pub, and there Gem and Paul discovered they shared very similar taste in music. As Paul was new to Edinburgh, Gem suggested they exchange numbers as she was going to a gig with friends in the city that she thought he might enjoy. And the love story began… they started going to gigs together regularly and chatting in cafes late into the night.
They got engaged in July 2015 in Ireland. Gem thought she was visiting Paul’s family in Cork as she had done before, but this time she was in for a surprise! Paul “kidnapped” her and took her on a 10 day mystery tour of the country, before getting down on one knee in Allihies on the west coast of Ireland. She has to say YES 🙂 
Although their parents have met once before, the thing they’re most looking forward to on their wedding day is the all the friends and families having the opportunity of meeting for the first time as they are from two different countries and see like they become ONE family.
For Gem and Paul’s engagement  session we went to Peebles where they had cup of tea by the river. They are two genuine sweet people and I can’t wait to document their first day as a husband and wife next weekend! 


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To see more photos from Gem and Paul’s engagement photo session in Peebles please click on the slideshow below.