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They used to meet walking their dogs up the Blackford Hill in Edinburgh. Gareth used to walk Black Labrador – Archie after work every day and Rhian walked her two Yorkshire Terriers -Robbo and Ruby. There were about ten people in the group with dogs who used to meet. Rhian was the youngest female in the group, the other dog walkers were all in their sixties, mostly divorced women. Rhian thought that Gareth is really funny and the most lovely person she ever meet, so she did everything to make sure that his eyes are on her! She didn’t have to, as he was very drive into her chatty and happy being personality.

Their first date…. hmm both of them had two different memories so I would only say that they end up laughing and kissing the whole day 🙂

Three and a half years after, Gareth propose Rhian on Christmas day. And it wouldn’t be Gareth if he did not made something funny so he wear Santa Mankini and pop the question to Rhian. She was absolutely thrilled with excitement. And so Gareth was as she said yes 🙂

“You only live once” – this is the motto that exactly describe both of their personalities. They don’t take life too seriously at all. That’s why they always smiling. And they are very looking forward to celebrate best day in their life with their family and friends.

And after this engagement session I’m thrilled and excited to document that day for them! I bet I will have sore tummy the next day from laughing!


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To see more photos from this fun engagement session of Rhian and Gareth please click on the slideshow below.