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When your couple say we want to have an engagement shoot at granny’s back garden you must have some objections. But then you arrive and collect your jaw from the ground. It is one heck of a garden! Forget the light, that was just spot on, but those flowers! Those tree and a house! Sweet secret garden.

The most colourful engagement session we have done so far? I don’t know, and probably yes, cuz I haven’t make any black and white images in this set. Just too beautiful to waist it for mono. 

But first lets talk a bit more about Katie and Ross. 
They first met at the party but Katie was with someone else. They become good friends and were friends for more then one year before they got together. 
Katie, back from a long trip with some bad news, and was really down, so Ross offered to meet her for a drink to cheer her up. They had a couple of drinks, he got her laughing and made her feel better. It was his round, so he went to the bar, and she went for a cigarette. And when Katie came back in, she looked at him, and it was as if her heart had lit up. She sat down, and looked him in the eye, and said  “I’m sorry, but I’m fairly sure I’m in love with you. If it’s any help I’m as surprised as you are.” Thankfully he reciprocated, and they’ve barely spent a day apart since. 
The sweet story continue with the proposal…
Ross and Katie first bonded over as friends was watching a TV show called Supernatural, first time watch for both of them. It’s now in its 13th series and they’ve watched it faithfully since. So on their 2nd year anniversary of going out, they had a dinner reservation at an amazing steak restaurant, were planning to get a drink across the road, but Ross asked Katie to have a drink in the house first. She walked into the living room, with champagne waiting. He was all dressed up. He handed Katie her anniversary presents in a bag, two awesome books (one of which, ironically, was the exact same book Katie bought him for the anniversary!) and a small jewellery box. She opened the box, and it had matching black engagement rings, along with a note that said “Will you join me as part of the world’s best husband-and-wife hunter team?” The rings have a quote that starts on his and ends on her, from Supernatural, and reads ‘There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you’. She said yes, and squealed for about 15 minutes…
“my wife ” is the word that Ross can’t wait to say… And its gonna be this Saturday! So not too long! 
Let’s see their photos from their engagement session with us!