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Good evening all! 

I hope your weekend is going well. Today for the first time this year me and Ricky took out the bikes and went cycling. The weather was good and we pretty enjoyed the ride. So I think the cycling season is open. After that I finished editing some photos and I couldn’t help myself to publish them today! I wanted to share them with you!

Little Lily I photographed for the first time when she was  10 days old and it was last year.  Two weeks ago, her mother contacted me and said that Lily will turn One on the 6th of February and they have an idea for her birhday party. The idea was “Smash the cake” photo session. I believe every kids (and I bet adults too) dream about it! 😀

Lily certainly did not expect this! Dad’s profession is a chef so he baked delicious chocolate cake for her. How did I know that was delicious? Of course, there was no question of  me leaving and not to taste this  chocolate wonder! 🙂

She was so happy that she go for the cake without mum’s screaming at the back. Eventually parents joined her in the mess;) Everyone had so much fun. Thought Lily is still very small but I’m sure she will not forget the free time in chocolate 🙂

It was my first “Smash the cake ” photo session, and with no doubt I can say it was very successful! I love it! Who is next? 😉


Enjoy your weekend!




And here is the photo when Lily was 10 days old.