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It’s an amazing feeling when you have the opportunity to help others by doing what you love the most. This privilege came to me a few weeks ago.

I received a phone call from the Willow company – the only UK charity supporting seriously ill 16-40 year olds by providing unique and positive Special Days. They had an application from a 27yr old young woman who requested a photo shoot at her home along with her mum and 3 sisters. So they were looking for a photographer who will do the family portrait photo shoot, and they chose me. They were also looking for a beautician who could do a make over on each of the girls. After researching what Willow is all about I couldn’t say no! This is great project! They bring smiles to their faces and hope for a better tomorrow. You should definitely check out their website and see for yourself the amazing things they do. Seeing a smile and happiness on Melanie’s face when she held her album was priceless.

Before we were due to meet Melanie, myself and Harriet (make up and hairstylist) were feeling a bit nervous but very excited. We didn’t know what to expect as we had never met the family before. All we knew was that there were 5 ladies waiting for us! At the door Melanie’s mum gave us a very warm welcome, inviting us into her home. She directed us into the living room where a very happy Melanie was waiting.The excitement was building for everyone, and we couldn’t wait to get started! What hit me the most was that at first sight was I never would have guessed she was very ill, apart from having her oxygen which keeps her breathing easily and basically keeps her alive, she was an incredibly positive person with big smiles lighting up her face.

When Harriet started to do her hair and make up you could see how happy Melanie was, and she was also telling us how she had never done this before which makes it even more exciting, we wanted to make it our mission to make sure she enjoyed every second of it!

Harriet also did a wee touch up to the rest of the ladies and the photo shoot was ready to begin. 

Fun, love and laughter and joy is how I could describe this time!

There was an amazing connection between all the ladies of this beautiful family, something to be jealous of. The love they give to each other you could see from miles away. It was definitely a successful day with a wonderful series of photos to remember this special day!

I always say : you meet people in your life for a reason. The reason I met Melanie was to remind me that no mater how bad a situation is, always keep a smile on your face and take the most from every single moment in your life.

I hope that for Melanie and her family we were a good reason too and that they enjoyed the day as much as we did. After hearing these words from Melanie: “I will never forget that day” I have no doubt that they did and I’m sure they will treasure the memory of that day for a long time to come. 

I want to thank Harriet for coming with me and for working her magic on the girls, and for the Willow company for giving me the opportunity to help with this special day. But most of all I would like to thank Melanie, her mum and sisters from the bottom of my heart for such an amazingly warm welcome! I wish you all the very best! 

Please visit the Willow company and see if you can support them in anyway possible, it is for a great cause. All we need in this world is more smiling faces just like Melanie and I’m sure with your help there will be many more to come.



Melanie have her hair and make up done. She couldn’t wait until she see herself in the mirror!


Happy Melanie holding her album! Thank you for amazing day Melanie! Will see you soon for a cuppa!