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They met in 2004 at Newcastle University, where they were lab partners in Microbiology. Luckily having the same first letter of their surname they were matched up alphabetically. Over the next two years they became good friends, sharing a love of fancy dress and partying in Solution (Newcastle students’ union)!
It wasn’t until 3rd year of uni when Kim moved to London for a student placement and Chris remained in Newcastle. That time they started to think, that there might be something else there, so after a few visits back and forward they started long distance dating!  They made it ‘Facebook official’ in March 2007! They continued  long distance relationship for the next few years before finally moving in together.
Chris proposed in January in Newcastle, at the Tyne bridge, were it all began. They’ve been very long time together but now, only 7 weeks until their wedding day! I’m so excited to document their day as I know its going to be super fun – as their are! 
For their  Engagement shoot we went to my beloved place – Stockbridge, where between lovely streets and private gardens we walked with Kim and Chris and their cute dog ! Love how fun and how much impact they have on each other. Those are the people who love life to the fullest! 

To see more photos from this engagement session in Edinburgh please click on the slideshow below.