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Today i would like to share with You with my thoughts and meaning of photography in our life.

Few week ago i went to my home country Poland to photograph some weddings. I`ve stayed in my famaily`s home. I love to come back to that place, full of memories and the smell of cooking food in the kitchen.

This time my visit was a bit different cause there was my grandfather in my house which came to stay with us  for health reasons.

And today im gonna write a bit about him.

My granddad is a WWII veteran and his youth years he spend on Syberia and in Kazachstan, fighting at several wars. Many times i`ve heard the stories from these days and it was very hard for me to imagine how difficult and unpeaceful times that was. To me it sounded like good war movie in the cinema.

Imagination… Everyone of us has it and everyone imagine this same things differently. We`ll never know how it all looked for real until we can see it for our own eyes.

While moving into our house my gradfather fund in his old staff few photos, which i was able to view while i was In Poland.

It was only three photo of him at 17 years old during war. Holding them in my hands i felt like i was holding a great treasure. Many Times i was imagining my grandfather at war, how he was dressed and how he looked. And what I saw has passed my imagination. Looking at these three paper photographs, already yellowed with age which he hold during the whole war In the pocket and after for many years at home, i`ve understood even more how great value the photography is. Thinking about how much those photos went throu and how importatnt they were for my grandfather, i’ve would never find out how He looked In the past.

My love for the photography growed even more…

Below i want to share with you those three photos. It`s iphone version but i still think it will still show the atmosphere of those days. And I would like to say that I am very proud of my grandfather.


Stay fabulous 🙂


And guess who is on the last photo ? lol 🙂