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They both share the travel passion and love for adventure, and their biggest adventure started online. When they first met face to face, Jon was late, as his train was late and arrived on the meting with frustrated face. Suzi was a bit stressed by this but only to find out later, that this was his worry face cuz he hate being late. At that time Jon didn’t know yet that she is always at least 10 minutes late for everything! 😉 After this evening both agree that they should meet once again. And the rest is history…


Jon loved Suzi’s outlook on life, and she is crazy about his eyebrows, big blue/green eyes and charming personality so 18 month after landing in Tokyo with big jet lag Suzi refuse to go for a dinner, but Jon convinced her it was a good idea. While she was getting ready, he set up the little lego bride and groom , on the window seat with the view of the Tokyo tower. Then he caught her by surprise on one knee with a ring! Of course she said yes!  They went out and had a fabulous dinner, drank sake and rolled home very late. I think adrenaline kicked in and cured their jet lag! 

How excited I am to capture their another adventure, which is their wedding, this coming Saturday at the Signet Library! By now take a look at their engagement photo session which we did at Calton Hill in Edinburgh with beautiful autumn light. We are very lucky to meet amazing people in our life’s like Suzi and Jon. 



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To see more photos from Suzi and Jon’s save the date photo session please click on slideshow below