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Having clouds under your feet seems like the world is lighter. I am writing this blog on the plane on the way home back to Poland. I`m going to meet with family and friends. I want to also reset my mind before the wedding season, and look for new inspiration for my personal projects. Surely my next post will be about my visit.

Today I will show you pictures of wedding session with Iza and Leszek. They had a modest wedding ceremony accompanied by their loved ones only. Despite that, they really want to have pictures of that day, so they asked me to do small sessions before the ceremony.

For this session we choose Edinburgh`s old town. It was a warm day. Iza looked very beautifully and stylishly. The hit were her wonderful shoes from Dune. I love them! 🙂 Leszek is a passionate about guitar and good rock music. So there was no option to miss guitars on our session.

Iza and Leszek are together for quite long time. Iza was very surprised when Leszek asked her out on normal day on the princess garden next to the fountain and knelt and asked her to marry him. Ahhh, I regret that I wasn`t there with my camera! 🙂 You can only imagine Iza’s reactions. I wish them, with all my heart, all the best and thank them very much for choosing me to commemorate their big day.

Interesting and extraordinary thing happened on this session while I was taking photos.
From one of the houses an older lady got out and truly greet a young couple. She handed a little souvenir for the happiness to the bride, which she gets from her own mother. It was a beautiful touching gesture.

Enjoy the photos!

I wish you a wonderful week! Greetings from the beautiful White Poland!

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