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Today it’s Friday. For many of us is beginning of the weekend where we will be able to relax from the week of work. Each of us has its own way to relax. We like to spend time actively like going for a walk, ride a bike or just sit on the couch and watch a good movie with loved ones. In these moments we are trying to forget about everyday worries and stress which embraces us in this crazy world.Recently I’ve been swinging on my swing in my garden and I discovered how often I do it unconsciously. Swinging, I forget about Coinstar money order all world. Feeling the wind on my face and drifting above the ground I feel free. Perhaps someone may say that I’m too old to swing. But it’s not that what this is all about? Do what you love, what makes you happy. Children are so carefree. We also can feel happy if we find the child in us.

Just be happy. Find happiness in small things.

Have a happy weekend. 🙂 




This swinging Ethiopian girl I photographed during my visit in Ethiopia.  I was doing documentary photographs of Daughters of Charity. Full post you can find here.